Oli Cartwright - Web Developer
Oli Cartwright is a disciplined and passionate Web Developer with many years of commercial experience in web application development. He has been programming at home and in his free time since 1995 and been developing websites since 1996.

Work / Projects



Outside of office hours I maintain a system I built from scratch called AvocetCRS. The system allows staff of Avocet Trust to log client referrals and keep track of them, from the start to the finish of the referral process.

The system features include:

  • Overview - When first logging in the staff team see a screen showing them client records that have not been updated recently, sorted by the most untouched record at the top.
  • Full audit trail - When any record is changed it will log who made the change and what the previous entry was.
  • Action tracking - Actions can be assigned to individual client records which have their own independent audit trail.
  • Documents and Comments - A record can have any number of files attached to it. Also staff can add comments to the record at any time. Both document uploads and comments are added to the audit trail.
  • One click printing - Using some advanced CSS techniques I was able to make certain areas of the system print nicely.
  • Integrated Support - The system features a contact form that goes straight to my inbox in case anyone needs support.


While experimenting with the latest versions of MVC I ended up developing RanText. It serves no real purpose beyond being an alternative to 'Lorum Ipsum' generators but it is a good showcase of AJAX functionality.

Have a play with RanText!


Commercial Developments

Throughout my employment history I have had exposure to a wide range of systems, some of which include:

  • Several E-Commerce and Content Management systems.
  • A large corporate CRM system.
  • A powerful Risk Management and Action Tracking suite.
  • E-Learning and Policy acceptance systems.
  • A large Web Portal for international companies to share and manage their business links.
  • An XML powered API interface.
  • An invoice system.


Web Forms
Microsoft SQL Server
Responsive Design
Visual Studio
Team Foundation Server
Cross Browser Testing
User Interface
Classic ASP
Image Editing
Sound Editing
Video Editing


Microsoft Specialist: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3
BSc (Hons) Computer Games (Software Development)
Scrum Master

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